YOU conquered the Monday morning meeting, worked late to finish the follow-up memorandums on Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday and you are so bored with it all.  .  .  Let’s have some FUN.
It’s story time and you’re the Author!  Fill in the blanks and write your own story, then copy & post it in the comments. We all need something more interesting to read than a silly memo. It’s Wednesday, let’s get Naughty.
Fill in the blanks:
"He came into the _____________, casually swinging a goody bag from__________. Before I knew it, he started to __________ then the familiar smell of _____________ made my mind race and suddenly I felt____________ very soon I was __________. Minutes later___________".
The End.

Example: He came into the kitchen, casually swinging a goody bag from Toys4Us. Before I knew it, he started to fondle the fruits on the counter, then the familiar smell of burnt onions made my mind race and suddenly I felt the coldness of the floor tile, . . . . . . . . . 
Remember, you are the Author.  Complete this short paragraph of your story when you fill in the blanks & let us read it here in the comments. You will be surprised how much Fun we can have when we put pen to paper. I am already smiling for the stories I expect to read . . .

Thanks for Reading & Your Comments.

Note: I fixed the "no-copy".  You can now Copy and Paste! Thanks.

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