Many of my friends only shop for clothing Online and love it. Not Me. I go for the touch & feel before the try-on and buy in a brick & mortar location. Not saying that I have never purchased a piece of clothing online, because I have and probably will again. But, I love to see the discounts on my paper receipt and the rush from walking up to the scanner and checking prices. . .well, let's just say it is a feel good moment. Last week I went looking for a party dress and found a super deal on this black dress:
INC Plus Size Fringed Maxidress
When I checked the Macy's website, this black maxi dress is being offered online at the sale price of $54.75, reduced from $109.50. Now, if I was only an online shopper and needed a dress pronto, this would have to do. Well, this dress is in my closet and I paid $27.37 for it at Macy's store. Fringe is in right now and with my undergarments this dress works well. 

As a self proclaimed budget shopper (cheapskate) I have a limit on spending and the item must be on sale, or I do not want it. September is the month I shop the most because of the end-of-summer sales and, I live in SFla where summer weather is kinda the norm therefore my closet is geared to that. A deal like this is the reason I love to work the clearance racks at my favorite stores. Which do you prefer. . . Online shopping or brick & mortar locations? 
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