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Every so often I find something on the Internet that I have to let my readers know about. That was the reason I started Kurves Newsletter (now a Blog) in the first place. With that perspective, please allow me to Introduce Yetti Says.  She writes honest, raw and unedited truths and there is no holding back on the musings and day to day chronicles of a 20-something-yr-old.
I take my time reading Yetti Says (My daily dose of Vitamin Y) and posted several links from her blog in my Link Luv series. I also got caught up in the "Men Say/Women Say" series she had going on during the summer. Her current post complete with her "17 Sisterhood of Writing Rules" is a must read. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Yetti writes: . . . . "You see, my pretty, the blogosphere does come with a shopping cart full of goodies, smiles, and opportunities, but you have to be able to suffer the dark and the ditches that come along with it. The game is hard out there for a blogger / writer. It’s even harder if you’re niche is personal.  But with a few truths upfront, it can be weathered. With a few rules and guidelines, it can be purposeful. And with a group of dope individuals, it can be more than just therapy at your fingertips, it can be a sisterhood." . . . . Continue reading and drop her a line. I am sure she would like that!
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