There is a fitness class trend that is deemed to be one of the sexiest workouts that you will ever get. This new craze is called Brukwine and you will surely learn how to Whine. I heard about it last year and have been waiting for it to hit Miami, although they had their first intro class on South Beach it is not available to everyone yet. This class involves dancing, heels, mirrors, fog, and b000ty!   Brukwine is a Jamaican term that means to "break out and whine".
Source - Brukwine
Brukwine was started in 2012 by Autavia (Tavia) Bailey and Tamara Marrow, two professional dancers with impressive resumes. The duo met when touring with reggae giant Sean Paul for eight years (yes, you've seen them in his music videos), and they've also danced alongside talents like Beyonc√©, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot, Whitney Houston and Rihanna. When you enter the class it is like something straight out of a Jamaican dance hall. The moves are sexy but the best part is that they tone your entire body. You are having so much fun that you don’t even realize how much you are really exercising. High heels, bootie shorts, and a healthy amount of eyeliner is the appropriate uniform for attending Brukwine, a NYC-based fitness routine that is gaining in popularity internationally.
This is a Caribbean-influenced workout featuring Dancehall and Reggae music, combines cardio and dance, stressing waist and leg movements for epic sweating and toning results. "Brukwine is very sexy, and very feminine. We use a lot of waist movements that really tone your legs and give you a great cardio workout," Bailey added. "People come to our class and think they are just going to dance but they finish drenched in sweat. You can burn up to 1000 calories." After a quick warm up, the class focuses on hip movements, vertical butt drops, and stomach pulses. Both genders are welcome to attend, but classes are generally more geared towards women.
On October 27, 2013 they did a Flashmob in Times Square and it was . .on like popcaan. Classes start at $20.00 each and are offered at studios all over New York, and as part of their upcoming expansion, will bring Brukwine permanently to Miami Crunch gyms & many more U.S cities. So, look out for Brukwine in a gym near you and whine up yu waist. .
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