You conquered the Monday morning meeting, worked hard to finish the spreadsheets on Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday and you are tired of co-workers gabbing . . . . Let’s have some FUN.
It’s story time and you’re the Author!  Fill in the blanks and write your own story, then post it in the comments. We all need something more interesting to read than a silly memo. It’s Wednesday, let’s get Naughty.
Fill in the blanks:
"It was early morning when __________ and my back was turned ______________, then I felt ____________. Last thing I heard was _______________. Then, all I could do was _____________ Where did that come from?"  The End

Example"It was early morning when I went to the bathroom and my back was turned in the shower, then I felt a burst of ice cold water.  Last thing I heard was music. . . . 

Remember, you are the Author. This can be provocative without being offensive and so very good, but not without your stories. So, copy & paste the paragraph above, fill in the blanks and post it here. You will be surprised how much Fun we can have when we put pen to paper. I am anxious to read your stories. . .
Thanks for Participating!

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