As some of you know, I celebrated another Birthday last Sunday with Family. First, we went to dinner at Cheddars where I enjoyed a hearty Steak dinner & Peach Bellini's.
Then, on to the Isles for some Casino fun. There we had drinks, enjoyed some good band music and worked the slots. And, No I did not win the Jackpot. But, I did win with this outfit. I was so comfortable & the shoes were just right for prancing around. 
The pants and top were purchased at the end of summer for my vacation closet. This vegan leather top was not wearable in 90 degree weather, but it was in the 70's so it's getting its first wear on the blog. The leopard joggers made by Thalia are some kind of jersey material and they are wrinkle free. The mango tree in the background gives my Mom three crops of delicious mangoes every year and has its first blossoms already.
::  Deets ::
Top - JCPenney
Pants - Macy's
Handbag - (Very Old)
Shoes - (Too Old) 
Thanks be to God for this Happy Life!

"This idea of innocence and continuing to enjoy life's small pleasures, is what keeps you forever young. I do believe that people feel that getting old means letting go of things that you did when you were young. It's the exact opposite of that. The way you grow old gracefully and beautifully is by keeping those things close and honoring them and using that experience to carry you forward." - Patrick Downing, Director.
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