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Pajama dressing is one of the hardest trends to adapt for everyday. Add to the fact that I am a plus size older gal makes it all look too frumpy to me. I know that I am late to the party, but I did not pay attention to fashion trends until I met my fashion sistas here on le blog. Now, I am looking thru the pages of the glossies to see the latest. Since early 2012 stylists and style pioneers hailed the pajama style has a comfy chic way to dress and many fashionistas have been rockin this look. After Stella McCartney and Diane von Furstenberg showed loose fitting, printed pajama-style pants on their respective runways for Spring 2012, the trend cemented itself for seasons to come. But while pajama dressing sure is trendy, it may not surprise you to hear that its not as simple as leaving the house in the same outfit you slept in. 
Back in 2013 Cosmo posted these rules on how to rock pajamas the right way:
1. Be sure to choose a silk or a silk-like synthetic blend. The minute you put on a jersey or cotton pair, you'll go from fashion-forward to frumpy.
2. Pair them with wedges or heels always. You want to offset the whole I'm-kind-of-wearing-pajamas vibe.
3. If you're dipping your toe into this trend, wear these printed pants with a solid top, whether it's cropped, regular fit, or oversized. But if you're ballsy and want to mix prints, we say do it!
Well, my style crush Rihanna took it to another level as only she could do.
She wore hers with a matching robe and cute shoes. I love the color, the silky fabric and she has the body and the confidence to pull it off. Well, I neither have the body to make it work or the multitude of accessories I would need to offset the slouchiness of this trend. So, this is a No for me. What about you. . . Have you worn this trend & will you wear it again?
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