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Many of you are so busy with your work/family/blog life that you miss out on informational or interesting stuff.  Not to worry, Kurves got You Covered. I have a lot of time to read Magazines or scrounge the Internet for articles of interest to us women & so happy to post them here, just in case.
GLAMOUR - October 2015 Issue
I was surprised to read that 57% of Women Have never Asked for a Raise. The reason Glamour states is FEAR. Imagine that!  Glamour list ways to conquer that feeling: 
First, be clear with yourself. Ask. "What do I want?" says Juliana Park author of The Abundance Loop. "Be specific about what's important: salary, bonus, benefits, flexibility?" "The clearer you can state your intentions with yourself the better positioned you'll be to negotiate."
Now role-play. "Practice a salary negotiation with friends and family. Try tooting your horn". . says Park.
Consult your work tribe. When Jude Miller Burke, PhD. author of the Millionaire Mystique analyzed the habits of women making $1 million and up. She noticed that they all had a support system. Her advice "have a group of professional women you can freely discuss issues such as salary and benefits with." "Let go of perfection and you can start asking for what you deserve." says Burke.

Things we should stop saying about Work & Family
A Father saying"I am babysitting tonight"about his own children. It's not one parent's responsibility & the other helps!
"Stay-at-home-parent."  It sounds like you're supposed to be at the office, but you are staying at home instead.
Calling women "working mothers" but never calling men "working fathers".

There is no reason to let Fear keep you from Living the Life You Desire. Put on your big girl panties and go get 'em. . . 
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