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The day after the Miss Universe Pageant Hoopla/Mix-up (Ms. Columbia was crowned in error and the crown was taken from her & given to the winner Ms. Philippines) another Beauty Pageant was in full regalness in China. The Miss World Pagent held on 12/21/15 in Sanya, China where Miss Spain was crowned the winner and Miss Jamaica placed 5th out of 110 contestants. This was the first dreadlocked beauty in the pagent's history and she came in 5th place. Let me introduce you to Miss Jamaica World 2015:
Dr. Sanneta Myrie
When the world saw the lineup included Sanneta Myrie, a 24-year-old medical doctor hailing from Jamaica, who proudly wears a crown of dreadlocks, the excitement began. For this pageant, this will be the first time someone has worn this hairstyle, with women of color usually opting for silk blowouts, voluminous weaves, or other manipulated styles. 
She is not the first to sport a dreadlocked hairstyle in a contest. Many ladies from Jamaica who have competed in such contests have all fiercely sported their dreadlocks to embrace their natural beauty. Zahra Redwood, who appeared in
the Miss Universe competition in 2007, as Miss Jamaica wore the look, too. Redwood was also the first Miss Jamaica crowned of Rastafarian Faith. So for her, wearing her dreadlocks was a way to break down barrier and stereotypes of her faith.
After making the top five cut, Myrie was asked why she should be named Miss World 2015, to which she responded that she was already grateful for the opportunity to be in China representing her country.  - “My story is one of a little girl whose life was transformed with charity and love and my quest in life is to give that back to as many people as I can, and to inspire the world with my story, that no matter where you are from, your skin type your hair colour, your situation - your dreams are valid. “And I believe that beauty with a purpose embodies my quest and if I was blessed with the crown tonight, I would dedicate my essence to give back to the world in a purposeful and beautiful way with charity and love,” she said.
Spain won the title, Russia finished second, Third place went to Indonesia, Lebanon finished fourth & Jamaica fifth.
One Love!

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