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Twice every year I do a closet purge and give away items from my closet that I have not worn. When I saw my Niece rockin' a top I gave her on vacation in Jamaica, I secretly wanted it back.  This ever happen to you?  Over the years I have given away lots of items with tags that amount to some serious cash. 
Some clothing and accessories I bought at end of season clearance sales and some I just had to have. . .only to admire, are still hanging in the closet not worn.  Also, I am no longer in need of clothing to wear to work everyday because I am out of the corporate world. So, all the skirts, tops & dresses I loved to wear to work are just taking up space.
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Then, I am also guilty of stockpiling separates only to find out that I do not have anything to match or compliment it in the closet. So, it ends up in the give away pile. . to my family, friends and Goodwill. Well, No more!  I have decided to sell my good stuff on Poshmark so that I can use the money to get new stuff that I will wear.  I was not successful on Ebay, only sold golf wear and will update you on my progress soon. Now, my new purchases are geared to my current life "casual chic" or "vacation style" nothing more.  I still shop for the needs of my Mom and Sister but they have to give me a list.  Are you tired of giving your good stuff away?  Sell them & spend your money wisely.  

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