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GLAMOUR, December 2015
In this Issue, Jake (Columnist) writes about his date night, when Mini-Jake was having a melt down and just laid down. He writes. . ."things were said and noises were made that suggested the next step was inevitable. That is until the one thing that's supposed to happen to make the next step possible didn't. I'm talking about Getting It Up".
In a recent poll by Glamour magazine 35 % of guys polled have had a sexual encounter during which they could not Rise to the occasion. This happens to many a young man and plenty of older men. Steven Lamm, M.D said "All men at some point in their lives, probably multiple times in their lives have the occasional inability to achieve and maintain an erection."  Temporary or not. . . What should a Guy Do?
If you watch television, you might think that erectile dysfunction, or ED, is really common among middle aged, relaxed, healthy people. "That's pure marketing," says Nelson E. Bennett, MD, a urologist and erectile dysfunction expert at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass. "Real erectile dysfunction is more common in older men with other health issues. If you struggle with occasional erection problems, you probably don't need medication for ED," says Dr. Bennett. There are several common reasons why Men might have a temporary erectile problem:
1.  While you may think of alcohol as being helpful to get you in the mood, it can cause sexual issues as well.
2. Smoking is another lifestyle choice that can cause erection problems.
3. Sometimes the remedy to other health problems may cause sexual issues aka prescription medications.
4. Men who are in good relationships have fewer erection problems. "It could be performance anxiety in a new relationship or the loss of interest in sex in an older relationship".
5. Stress and anxiety can cause sexual issues.
6. Then there is Fatigue and Depression.

When it's all said and done . . . What is a Girl to Do?
1.  Be supportive & kind.
2. Don't make it personal (No, its not You!)
3. Try again after a good night's sleep.
4. Help him get some medical advice.
5. It's OK. Call me sometime. See ya. . .

Many of you reading this is just, shaking head. . . Yeah! I went there. Not every Sista can bear witness to this occurrence. But, many a night this happens to young ladies, who do not have a clue & they end up losing confidence and respect for their bodies. We are still working on Loving our Bodies and Men have a way to make us feel insecure, if we allow it.  So, lets be clear. . Dude has a problem. IT. IS. NOT. YOU.  'Cause Woman caan Done!!  - What say you?  
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Disclaimer: It is not my intention to offer Legal/Medical/Technical advice & urge you to consult the professionals who excel in their field of expertise!

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