I am moving on up. . . to the east side. . . to a deluxe apt in the sky (to a dot.com).
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm taking my talents to Madam Too Much.  Yes, your Sista & Friend is trying to move up. Blogger has been very good to me but I wanted to do an upgrade with a unique name and I really was not happy with the name "Kurves". If you followed me for awhile, you know I tried several times to change the name. Now I went and did the damn thing. . . .

I have been working on creating this new space while learning wordpress since Feb 11th, and although it is still a work in progress, I am ready to move in and entertain. So, come on over to MTM and let me show you around the new digs.  I did not transfer all 430 posts, because I want a fresh start and only taking the popular posts. Since I am doing this manually, I still have more to bring over. This blogspot site will be up for a few more months until the work is done with a link to the new site. Be sure to follow the new site on Bloglovin to see all the new stuff. 

Thanks a Bunch for taking the time to read this post and I hope you will continue to keep up with me. Change is Good! If things never changed, I would never learn anything new like wordpress. And every time we learn a new skill - even if it’s just how to adapt - we are that much smarter than we were yesterday!  Please continue to visit me at MTM for more “Netisims” and controversial posts, just like before and tell a Friend.
Thanks for Visiting.
See you at Madam Too Much!

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