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The voice behind Kurves.
An Online Journal of Singledom, Aging & Life in General.
  • Obsessed with Positive Aging.
  • In the Prime of my Life.
  • A Semi-Retired Party Animal; Divorced; Work-from-home Wedding Coordinator.
  • The President of:- Family excursions; Internet-shopping; Party planning; Funeral planning(not by choice); Internet Research; Budget Shopping; Interior Decoration; Landscape design & Maintenance and all around Handy-Woman.
  • Living in South Florida.
  • Originally from St. Mary, JAMAICA, W.I, but have called 3 different US States “Home”.
  • In love with my family, friends & ME. (Yes. I love me some ME)
  • A Shoe Addict & Shopaholic with no Shame.
  • All about the color Orange. It can be seen on my bed & all over my closet.
Life has been Good to Me and I Practice daily gratitude. I have been a Comptroller, Secretary, Court Administrator for Magistrate Courts, Single Mom,  Broke, Young & Cute.  Now,  I'm "Living Life as I have to Come to Know It" and strive to be Happy each and every day.  I blog about the good, the bad & the ugly with bits of humor that life throws my way. You will also be privy to items found in the stores, my style, my travels and what I enjoy in general. I've been known to write thought-provoking posts that will hopefully stimulate my readers to Live their Best Life regardless of circumstances. Communication is the key to our existence in this world, so let me hear from You. Leave a comment or write me at { mykurves@gmail.com }.   Make time to ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

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The views expressed herein are Personal and does not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of others. I do not claim ownership of all the contents provided on this blog and I give credit when needed. I am not a physician or medical health professional, just a Woman on Life's Journey. It is not my intention to offer Legal, Medical nor Technical advice and urge you to consult the professionals who excel in their field of expertise. I reserve the right to delete any content left here that I deem dis-respectful to myself and others. Any information provided is to the best of my knowledge. 
Blogging for Fun since 2010. 
This blog is F Y E - For Your Edutainment Only!!


  1. I took some time this evening to really peruse your blog. I love the variety of information (really valuable information) and viewpoints that you present. Golfing is on my list of things to try next. (-:

  2. Thanks so much for Visiting. I try to write what I think my Sistergirls want to read.

  3. Hi Neti, I have wanted to post comments on your blog, but, you dont have it set up so that guests can comment. I dont want to create an account for your commenting service. Regarding your royal blue dress...This shade of blue reminds me of vacation and makes me want to cruise. You look lovely Neti!

  4. Yes, I can't comment neither! OMG i just found your blog and have been glued to it! Love the mixture of humor! Thank youuu

  5. So great "meeting" you Neti! I look forward to our connection!!


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